Thank you for taking interest in our affiliate program!
Here at Brandsty, we offer you a unique opportunity to join our affiliate program and earn commissions!
How does it work? Simple! You do what you already do, you keep making great content about fashion. We provide you with your own affiliate link that you can share with other people in whatever way you want. Every time someone visits our shop through your link and buys something, you get your share. Simple right?
What makes our affiliate program unique?
First: It’s 100% risk-free! No sign-up fees and no contracts. You can join in, try it out, check how it works for you and if you don’t like it, you lose nothing. All people are welcome.
Second: It’s multilevel. What does it mean? It means that you can make money not only by encouraging people to buy from our shop but also by recruiting your sub-affiliates. Every time they make a sale, you get a commission as well! Does it mean that, in order to make good money, you also need to actively recruit others to this affiliate program? It would definitely help, but NO, you don’t need to do it. There’s a reason why we have a big banner on our main page informing all people about this program. Every visitor coming to the shop via your link is not only a potential customer but also your potential sub-affiliate! Ever wished your competitors, spying on you, to get some ideas for their own channels, would work for you? We can’t think of any better way!
But wait, there’s more!
Once you have a new sub-affiliates you can contact them through your affiliate panel. That opens totally new perspectives of collaboration and new contacts! You can share ideas, plan joined marketing or maybe introduce each-others to other projects that you work on. Possibilities are limitless!
Third: You get paid on demand! You are your own boss, so why would someone else decide when you get paid? With our affiliate program, you can request payment with one simple click. The only thing you have to do is to provide us with your PayPal e-mail. With PayPal, it’s fast and secure!
Now let’s talk numbers!
Our affiliate program is an 8/4/2 system. Your commission is 8% of the order value.
Not much right? We’re sure you can find similar affiliate programs offering 10% or maybe even more. But that’s where our 3 level system comes in!
Here’s an example!
Let’s say you’re already our affiliate marketer and you get 8% of your sales. At some point, your sub-affiliate joins in and she makes the same amount of sales as you are. She gets her 8% and on top of that, you get 4%, just because you have introduced her to this program. That’s respectively 12% for you. If you have 2 sub-affiliates that’s 16% and so on. The amount of sub-affiliates you can have is limitless! Moreover, once they get their sub-affiliates you make an additional 2% commission from each sale they make. That all adds up for an unlimited earning potential!
As you should notice from the example above, we give 14% of our sales to our marketers, similar to other companies. But we do it in a smart way! By dividing commissions between 3 levels and allowing you to have an unlimited amount of sub-affiliates we provide you with an opportunity to make more money than in any traditional affiliate program and actually make a living from doing what you love!
If you have read it so far you might just try it out and sing in here! As we said before: it’s 100% risk-free!
Thank you and see you on the other side!